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Individual Events are separated and there will be several 2 day matches that allow days off for those that want them. All Freestyle matches will also be 2 days. View March Schedule

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Individual 3-3-3 3/3ages_csw
Individual Cycle 3/3ages_csw
Individual 3-6-3 3/3ages_csw
Individual 3-6-3 3/2rusts_cs3
Individual 3-3-3 3/2rusts_cs3
Individual Cycle 3/2rusts_cs3
Freestyle Stalagmite-3-3-3 3/2tub_csr
Individual 3-6-3 2/28nap_csc
Individual 3-3-3 2/28nap_csc
Individual Cycle 2/28nap_csc
Freestyle 3-D-1-10-1 2/28block_cnu
Individual Cycle 2/27plates_cnf
Individual 3-6-3 2/27plates_cnf
Individual 3-3-3 2/27plates_cnf
Individual 3-6-3 2/26huts_cnk

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Level 1 Standings (March)

Level# Rank#StackerPointsGap
L1 R1 Alexander Engell-Hedager Damkjær46.3--
L1 R2 Laura Beacom45.31
L1 R3 Yoav Peled36.310
L1 R3 Jameson Swick36.310
L1 R5 Henrik Engell-Hedager32.314
L1 R5 Foo Soon Wah32.314
L1 R7 Betsy Sanchez30.316
L1 R7 Kaylen Young30.316
L1 R9 Aqila Diandri Zahra25.321
L1 R10 Wooju Seo24.322
L1 R11 Hans-Jörg Faißt23.323
L1 R12 Ethan Austin22.324
L1 R13 Law Zhi Lin20.326
L1 R13 Kang Min Zhe20.326
L1 R15 Teoh Jun Yi18.328
L1 R16 Allan Ong17.329
L1 R17 Licia Tan Li Xuan16.030.3
L1 R18 Law Hao Yang15.031.3
L1 R19 Cody D. Heyne14.332
L1 R19 Han Kaw Sey14.332
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