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New Format will begin June 1. Individual Events will be separated, and there will be several 2 day matches that allow days off for those that want them. All Freestyle matches will also be 2 days. View full schedule and changes

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Individual 3-6-3 6/3thinks_2
Individual 3-3-3 6/3thinks_2
Individual Cycle 6/3thinks_2
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Individual Cycle 6/2rock_tn
Individual 3-6-3 6/2rock_tn
Freestyle Flip-Cycle 6/2coco_2
Monthly All-Around 5/31neos_f3
Daily All-Around 5/31radios_tj
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Freestyle Rapid-Fire 5/29cores_tz
Weekly All-Around 5/29twos_te
Daily All-Around 5/29food_t6
Daily All-Around 5/28star_t8
Freestyle 2-Color-Cycle 5/27bow_tq

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Level 1 Standings (June)

Level# Rank#StackerPoints
L1 R1 Chan Keng Ian574.3
L1 R2 Peter Ford566.3
L1 R3 Brandon Low Ka Ming558.3
L1 R4 Nicholas Nguyen538.3
L1 R5 Laura Beacom524.3
L1 R6 Wong Kai Yee523.3
L1 R7 Alexander Engell-Hedager Damkjær516.3
L1 R8 Teaw Jin Wei509.3
L1 R9 Luw Tze Hin491.3
L1 R10 Elsie Earle477.3
L1 R11 Jacob Yelverton470.3
L1 R12 Donovon Jose P. Panganiban463.3
L1 R13 Wong Jun Xian459.8
L1 R14 Betsy Sanchez455.3
L1 R15 Wong Kuang Zheng445.3
L1 R16 Wong Kai Qi438.3
L1 R17 Russell Jun Sheng Low415.8
L1 R18 Seraina Toms406.3
L1 R19 Jakub Piotr Gogolewski388.3
L1 R20 Matthew Wims371.3
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