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Individual Events are separated and there will be several 2 day matches that allow days off for those that want them. All Freestyle matches will also be 2 days. View full schedule

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Individual 3-3-3 8/2leaf_cm2
Individual Cycle 8/2leaf_cm2
Individual 3-6-3 8/2leaf_cm2
Freestyle Stalagmite-3-3-3 8/2hoop_c3t
Individual 3-3-3 7/31start_c3s
Individual Cycle 7/31start_c3s
Individual 3-6-3 7/31start_c3s
Individual 3-6-3 7/30jack_c3j
Individual 3-3-3 7/30jack_c3j
Individual Cycle 7/30jack_c3j
Freestyle 6-10-6 7/30lava_c3x
Individual 3-3-3 7/29key_c36
Individual Cycle 7/29key_c36
Individual 3-6-3 7/29key_c36
Individual Cycle 7/28plate_c3p

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Level 1 Standings (August)

Level# Rank#StackerPointsGap
L1 R1 Seohyun Lee199.9--
L1 R2 Alexander Engell-Hedager Damkjær194.95
L1 R3 Tae Hyeon Kim193.96
L1 R3 Luw Tze Hin193.96
L1 R5 Wong Kai Yee188.911
L1 R6 Laura Beacom185.914
L1 R7 Taewoo Kim182.917
L1 R8 Betsy Sanchez178.921
L1 R9 Jacob Yelverton169.930
L1 R10 Wong Kai Qi162.937
L1 R11 Hanseo Cho160.939
L1 R12 Chan Kang Yan153.946
L1 R13 Jakub Piotr Gogolewski150.949
L1 R14 Kaylen Young144.955
L1 R15 Wong Kuang Zheng142.957
L1 R16 Alan Lim Joon Tatt138.961
L1 R17 Minhyeong Park132.867.1
L1 R18 Syaira Binti Ahmad Sariffudin131.968
L1 R19 Ethan Austin128.971
L1 R20 Yoav Peled126.973
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