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Individual Events are separated and there will be several 2 day matches that allow days off for those that want them. All Freestyle matches will also be 2 days. View January Schedule

Pending Judging

Individual 3-6-3stages_c4c 291
Individual Cyclestages_c4c 292
Freestyle Reverse-Shuffletubs_c42 292
Individual 3-3-3paper_c4r 312
Individual 3-6-3paper_c4r 325
Individual Cyclepaper_c4r 314

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Individual 3-3-3 1/19stages_c4c
Individual 3-3-3 1/18heros_czu
Individual Cycle 1/18heros_czu
Individual 3-6-3 1/18heros_czu
Freestyle 6-3-6 1/18cores_czs
Individual 3-3-3 1/16lamp_czj
Individual Cycle 1/16lamp_czj
Individual 3-6-3 1/16lamp_czj
Freestyle 6-cup-stalagmite 1/16axes_czx
Individual 3-3-3 1/15owl_cz6
Individual Cycle 1/15owl_cz6
Individual 3-6-3 1/15owl_cz6
Individual 3-3-3 1/14mint_czp
Individual Cycle 1/14mint_czp
Individual 3-6-3 1/14mint_czp

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Level 1 Standings (January)

Level# Rank#StackerPointsGap
L1 R1 Alexander Engell-Hedager Damkjær1729.8--
L1 R2 Luw Tze Hin1722.87
L1 R3 Laura Beacom1652.877
L1 R4 Betsy Sanchez1579.8150
L1 R5 Kaylen Young1433.8296
L1 R6 Ethan Austin1350.8379
L1 R7 Wong Kai Yee1309.9419.9
L1 R8 Wong Kai Qi1135.8594
L1 R9 Wooju Seo1048.8681
L1 R10 Law Zhi Lin909.8820
L1 R11 Law Hao Yang893.6836.2
L1 R12 Han Kaw Sey849.8880
L1 R13 Aqila Diandri Zahra845.8884
L1 R14 Teoh Jun Yi799.1930.7
L1 R15 Alan Lim Joon Tatt754.6975.2
L1 R16 Teh Jia Xin692.81037
L1 R17 Cody Heyne680.81049
L1 R18 Oliver Wong Koon Yue679.81050
L1 R19 Shiven Sood674.11055.7
L1 R20 Henrik Engell-Hedager664.81065
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