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Individual Events are separated and there will be several 2 day matches that allow days off for those that want them. All Freestyle matches will also be 2 days. View full schedule

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Individual 3-3-3 10/20shoe_cgf
Individual Cycle 10/20shoe_cgf
Individual 3-6-3 10/20shoe_cgf
Freestyle Stalagmite-2-3-3-2 10/20ring_cgk
Individual 3-6-3 10/19cloud_cgn
Individual 3-3-3 10/19cloud_cgn
Individual Cycle 10/19cloud_cgn
Individual 3-6-3 10/18grid_cgz
Individual 3-3-3 10/18grid_cgz
Individual Cycle 10/18grid_cgz
Freestyle Reverse-9-Cycle 10/18jacks_cg6
Individual 3-3-3 10/16lights_cg7
Individual Cycle 10/16lights_cg7
Individual 3-6-3 10/16lights_cg7
Freestyle 3-6-10 10/16fuels_cgq

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Level 1 Standings (October)

Level# Rank#StackerPointsGap
L1 R1 Alexander Engell-Hedager Damkjær1941.8--
L1 R2 Laura Beacom1865.876
L1 R3 Wong Kai Yee1805.8136
L1 R4 Wong Kai Qi1650.8291
L1 R5 Kaylen Young1629.8312
L1 R6 Betsy Sanchez1523.5418.3
L1 R7 Ethan Austin1412.8529
L1 R8 Ng Pui Kuan1350.1591.7
L1 R9 Yoav Peled1263.1678.7
L1 R10 Wooju Seo1244.4697.4
L1 R11 Alan Lim Joon Tatt1102.1839.7
L1 R12 Jason Liew Chun Sum1080.7861.1
L1 R13 Teaw Jin Wei1062.3879.5
L1 R14 Cody Heyne1043.8898
L1 R15 Han Kaw Sey1007.8934
L1 R16 Dennis Schleussner865.61076.2
L1 R17 Lau Wei Joon835.71106.1
L1 R18 Chee Choy Leng831.81110
L1 R19 Henrik Engell-Hedager805.81136
L1 R20 Nicholas Nguyen783.01158.8
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